About SADA Transportes

SADA Transportes e Armazenagens S.A. is a Brazilian company, founded from the need to follow the standard of productivity and quality of automobile production in Brazil.

We were born from the entrepreneurial vision of a young businessman who had just arrived from Italy in the 70s. And so, on August 4, 1976, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte (MG), SADA Transportes was established.

Thus, in 1976, we accepted this challenge of providing transport solutions, always in line with the new logistics concepts, seeking synergy and progress in the opportunities generated.
In 1996, it became the pioneer Brazilian company in the development of the Maritime Modal for the transport of brand new (“0 km”) vehicles through Cabotage.

The work carried out by SADA Transportes has always been performed in accordance with the highest quality standards.

The origin of the name is Italian and indicates its field of activity.


From SADA Transportes, the entrepreneurial vision of the company administration gave rise to a diverse and plural group, active in various sectors of the Brazilian economy.

SADA Transportes is part of one of the most solid and diverse business groups in the country.

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In addition to specialized vehicle transport, SADA Transportes also has expertise in:

  • Road transport of general and fractional cargo;
  •  Cabotage and road and maritime transport of brand new vehicles;
  • General warehouses and distribution center;
  • Container Transport, Unitization and Deconsolidation;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Stowage service, port operator;
  • Sea freight contracting;
  • Storage yard management.
Sada Transportes

R. Gustaf Dalen, 151 - Distrito Industrial Paulo Camilo Sul, Pena - MG, 32530-510

(31) 3071-0700