Management Systems

Integrated Management Policy

Sada Transportes e Armazenagens S/A adopts integrated management in its activities of Logistics, Storage and Transport of Vehicles and Cargo for continuous improvement of processes and services with regards to quality, environment and health, and occupational safety, through excellence and commitment to:

  • Comply with applicable legislation and requirements;
  • Identify, monitor, assess and manage the risks that impact the environment, health and safety, implementing strategies and actions that promote continuous improvement of its performance.
  • Minimize Environmental Pollution, especially in preventing atmospheric impacts;
  • Maintain a healthy and safe work environment, preventing injuries and occupational illnesses, especially caused by transport and logistics activities;
  • Business Sustainability, seeking growth and profitability, promoting awareness and training of its employees through best practices.


To meet the demands and needs of customers with excellence, offering Logistics, Storage and Transport services through advanced technology, prioritizing quality, social responsibility and sustainable development.


Leadership, reference and innovation in Logistics, Storage and Transport


  • Meet customer expectations and needs;
  • Encourage teamwork and cooperation;
  • Promote the integration and enhancement of people in the business and social environment;
  • Ensure development and market leadership, maintaining competitiveness and profitability;
  • Develop partnership with customers and suppliers;
  • Operate responsibly and transparently;
  • Search for best practices.

Environment and
Social Responsibility

In 2021, we aim to carry out the certification process to ISO 14001:2015, but regardless of whether we are certified, we use good environmental Management practices, following the principles of ISO 14001:2015:

1. Environmental Policy: our organization has defined a consistent Policy that is aligned with our company activities, with a commitment to continuous improvement, aiming to avoid environmental pollution, especially in relation to air pollution, as well as compliance with applicable legislation and regulatory requirements.

2. Planning: we have identified environmental aspects and impacts of our operational and administrative processes and have created operational controls to minimize environmental impacts and seek continuous improvement to preserve the environment.

3. Implementation: SADA has implemented mechanisms to qualify its employees, as well as tools to put into practice its Environmental Management Policy;

4. Measurement and Evaluation: Our environmental performance is monitored through our performance indicators and targets, mainly in relation to the control of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere;

5. Critical Analysis and Improvements: Our critical analysis of EMS (Environmental Management System) allows us to continuously improve and review actions to maintain and improve EMS in accordance with the environmental management assumptions defined in our Policy.

The implementation of an Integrated Management System is a challenge of great proportions, which requires a lot of work, dedication and commitment from the entire company, but it is a significant competitive edge and achievement for our business.

SADA Transportes confirms social concern of Grupo SADA with the communities in which it operates, and for this reason it promotes some actions such as:

Continuously contribute to Fundação Medioli, an assistance entity aimed at supporting children with vulnerabilities, the elderly and those with some disabilities;

Partnership with Rede Fiat de Cidadania – O Programa Árvore da Vida;

It promotes and encourages sport through volleyball team sponsorships and other sports.

Sada Transportes

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