With more than 200 thousand tons of cargo transported in the last year, SADA Transportes offers services of Inventory Control (Warehouse Management System – WMS), Tax Reception and Return, Army and Police Licenses and Warrant Issuance. 

We offer storage services for goods and containers, facilitating operations in a multimodal format, with pickups and returns of containers directly at our terminals in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo.
With a total area of 102,000m², of which 27,500m² is covered, distributed among our units, we can deliver services to our customers at fair and competitive prices.

Get to know our storage facilities at our main hubs:


  • 2,000 pallet positions for storage;
  • Consolidation of cargo for distribution in cross docking or transit-point operations;
  • Reverse logistics with receipt and handling of return cargo;
  • Inventory management, more precise control over cargo handling, shipping and consolidation;
  • Preparation of orders more expeditiously and with more productivity;
  • Operational flexibility that meets market fluctuations and price oscillations;
  • Computerized areas for sheltering materials, external and internal;
  • Storage and Handling of CNTRs and Cargo with excess dimensions.


  • REDEX (Special Area for Export Customs Clearance).
  • Container Stuffing;
  • Container Spawning;
  • CNTR storage and handling;
  • CNTR Terminal in Betim (MG), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and São Bernardo do Campo (SP);
  • Scale for weighing Containers;
  • Plugs and sockets for charging reefer units.

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    Sada Transportes

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